Basic Implementation Toolkit for Communications Professional (Informz)


Basic Implementation Toolkit For Higher Logic Informz Description:

This on-demand training is focused on learning how to create all the objects needed to get started using your Higher Logic Informz (Communications Professional) account. The Toolkit Checklist below will provide you with a step-by-step solution to get up and running on your own.  The checklist timeline is an estimate to be used as a guide in your implementation process.

Toolkit Checklist:

0-30 Days

30-60 Days

60-90 Days

90-120 Days

  • Start to Build A/B Testing Strategy
  • Monitor/Review Campaign Results
  • Continue Template and Message Creation
  • Develop 2nd Campaign Plan (Membership Renewal)
  • Identify content assets and build messages
  • Define and take inventory of campaign contact groups (eligible to enter/exit campaign)
  • Build and Launch 2nd campaign